New Innovations from Canon Are Sure to Impress

Canon announced on September 17 that it is unveiling its newest product and adding to their already impressive digital imaging solutions line. The products are known as the PIXMA-PRO -10 and the PIXMA-PRO-100 and will be upgraded additions to the already well- established PIXMA-PRO-1. They are built with the same quality of design and output as the existing PIXMA-PRO-1, however, the new editions offer black and white printing like no one has ever seen. Canon has also improved the end-user compatibility of the workflow software and will be available with wireless capability and faster printing speeds.

So what does this all mean for the end-user? For one, it means that Canon is continuing to deliver quality products with innovation that is found nowhere else in the industry. It also means that they have an added feature referred to as PRO mode. This mode allows the device to map color gamut for unrivaled performance and balance of color. The color-printing mode has also been said to be able to make slight adjustments to the finished product that takes into consideration the characteristics of human perception. With these kinds of additions, many businesses will find it hard to resist upgrading to the new versions.


Both versions of the printers also boast impressive print speeds that go above and beyond the previous generation of the already speedy PIXMA-PRO-1s. The PIXMA-PRO-100 is said to be able to produce high-quality prints 5 times faster than previous models. This increase in speed will increase and improve user productivity and help in balancing budgets and time.

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