Must-Have Metrics for Enterprise Information Capture and Management

Executive Summary

Most organizations have developed key performance indicators and metrics to help monitor and manage various aspects of their business. But too often, companies fail to track the most useful metrics on the health and operational efficiency of their business.

This white paper explains why you need metrics and presents a framework to help you develop and use them. It also identifies and describes key metrics that every company should use and emphasizes the need to review them regularly to ensure they support your organizational goals.

Enterprise Metrics

Every organization needs key performance indicators to monitor and manage various aspects of their business.
Balanced Scorecard, widely used in large enterprises, provides a useful framework for organizing metrics into four main areas: financial, customer, process and innovation/learning. Many organizations have found that understanding and applying Balanced Scorecard concepts to the development or use ofmetrics is complex and requires extensive training. However, metrics are essential to understanding and improving an organization’s performance and financial health.

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