Modern Litho-Print Co.—Raising the Bar with EFI Monarch Planner and Suite of EFI Solutions


“As the volume and complexity of work grew for Modern Litho, it became clear we needed more automated tools to streamline the workflow and keep our costs in check.” —Jim Tomblinson, plant superintendent, Modern Litho-Print Co.

Modern Litho has been relying on the EFI Monarch (formerly called EFI Hagen) print management system for more than 10 years. While Monarch was able to help them streamline processes, Modern Litho needed to add a specific solution to simplify the labor-intensive publication work they do each month.

"We were still writing manual job tickets and needed to add people to keep up witht he work load," said Tomblinson. "We also had a disconnect between customer service resp (CSR's) and pre-press that resulted in a delay in starting jobs due to the lack of complete information from customers. We were in search of a bi-directional solution that would not only give us snap shots but also a panoramic view of our jobs."

With these challenges in mind, Modern Litho saw a demo of Monarch Planner at an EFI Connect users' conference, and the solution fit their needs exactly.

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