Mobile Printing The Next Stage in Road-Warrior Productivity

Executive Summary

Smartphones and tablet computers are ubiquitous in business today. Virtually every executive and individual contributor uses one or more of these devices to access email and websites while away from their desk. However, printing is not something that can be done easily from most smartphones or tablets. Even when there is a tool to help people print from a mobile device, it is generally limited in what it offers, or it requires an external server or PC to complete the printing task.

The Samsung MobilePrint app gives business professionals the ability to print and scan directly to and from any Samsung printer on a local-area network with a secure WiFi access point using their Android, Windows Mobile or Apple iOS smartphones or tablets (without the need for an external server or PC). This allows busy professionals to review, sign and share printed documents while working away from their desks.


The two biggest trends in business IT today are consumerization and mobilization. You can see both in action in virtually every conference room around the world: busy professionals responding to email on their smartphones or using tablets to take notes and multitask. With 470 million smartphones (according to IDC) and 55 million tablets (Morgan Stanley) sold in 2011, virtually every business IT group has to deal with these devices at some level. Often these devices — especially tablets — are consumer devices being adapted for use in business settings. As such, many are not set up to run business applications, offer business capabilities or help business professionals truly maximize their productivity. 

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