Mobile Printing Integration with Konica Minolta Secure Print User Boxes

Challenge – Securely Direct PrinterOn Mobile Printing Jobs to Konica Minolta MFPs

Although PrinterOn’s hosted mobile printing service can print virtually anywhere, it could not take advantage of the special “Secure Print User Box” feature of the Konica Minolta bizhub MFPs.

Solution – PrinterOn Integration with Konica Minolta Secure Print User Box

PrinterOn extended the PrinterOn services to collect the necessary user information to be compatible with the Konica Minolta bizhub MFP Secure Print User Box.

How It Works

When the PJL Username and Password authentication feature is enabled, a user who navigates to the PrinterOn site to upload a print job will be prompted to enter a unique username and password. PrinterOn injects this authentication information into the print data stream directly leveraging Konica Minolta’s PJL command set.

When the user gets to the printer, they type in the same username and password they used in the submission process to access their secure personal box on the MFP. Their queued print job(s) will be displayed and they select the job to be printed.

Download Full Whitepaper: Mobile Printing Integration with Konica Minolta Secure Print User Boxes