Mobile Document Pool New Features for DocuWare REQUEST

Newburgh, NY – May 8, 2008 – DocuWare’s Integrated Document Management (IDM) software product DocuWare REQUEST, allows you to archive documents on any storage media, together with convenient search and display functions, with fulltext and foreign format viewer. The portable file cabinets are independent of any system – no software installation is required on the local computer.

Whether it’s document distribution, long-term archiving, backup or disaster recovery – mobile file cabinets created with DocuWare REQUEST offer a convenient solution for every situation. You can store complete file cabinets or selected documents on any storage media, including CD, DVD, Blu-ray Disc (BD), USB stick or external hard drive, regardless of format or volume. For example, you can archive around a million scanned pages on a 50 GB Blu-ray Disc – that’s about 2,000 folders! The mobile document pool can be accessed at any time, anywhere, without the need for a DocuWare Client. The search and display functions, as well as the fulltext and foreign format viewer are all supplied on the compact storage media. There’s no software installation involved, so searching is very fast.

Statutory retention periods require that documents are archived for many years. But over time, the software that created an invoice may be outdated and may even no longer be available on the market. DocuWare REQUEST stores documents independently of any system so they can still be accessed, even decades later.
Flexible application
Typical applications include sales and technical customer service. Field operators can use the filters to create their own personal DVD of documents like leads, quotes, contracts, invoices and other sales-related literature. Service engineers can be given a DVD containing all the manuals, plans and spare parts for technical equipment. With the result that all the documentation they need is on hand, always up to date, and can be accessed without an Internet connection.
Detailed selection options
New DocuWare REQUEST 5.1 also makes managing large scanning projects easy. An extensive media management system means that if file cabinets are very large you can distribute the search feature, the database and the documents over several storage media. The user can then decide if only new documents added should be automatically burned onto a DVD together with the complete database. The updated database contains the index information for all documents, including those which the customer has already received on previous media. This ensures that all data can always be searched on the latest DVD. The mobile document pool is kept constantly up to date.
DocuWare REQUEST is now included in the standard IDM solution package, providing users with a long-time archiving feature and an automatic backup at no extra license cost.

DocuWare - The Company
Founded in 1988, DocuWare has over 6,000 installations with tens of thousands of users in over 50 countries. DocuWare offers a scalable solution that can expand enterprise-wide. Over 400 Authorized DocuWare Partners make up a worldwide independent reseller network, employing over 1000 DocuWare experts who bring DocuWare close to its customers.
DocuWare AG is based in Germering near Munich, Germany. The company’s US subsidiary, DocuWare Corporation, is located in Newburgh, New York and is responsible for all activities in North, Central and South America. DocuWare Ltd., its subsidiary in London, handles all activities for Great Britain and Ireland. DocuWare España located in Barcelona is responsible for the market in Spain.
DocuWare - Software for Integrated Document Management
DocuWare is an integrated document management solution that can automate business processes by managing any type of document, regardless of format or source, in a central document pool – for example paper records, letters, faxes, drawings, PC and other electronic files including e-mail. DocuWare supports all forms of electronic signatures. Integrated records management ensures that all access is secure, controlled, and logged. Using the Internet, the central document pool is available around the clock to any authorized user, no matter where they are located in the world. A wide range of customizable DocuWare add-on modules equip DocuWare for, among other things, automatic indexing, COLD applications and enhanced workflow features. Other software applications are easily integrated with a set of standard tools. Numerous interfaces exist for ERP systems (including a certified SAP interface) and Groupware (like Exchange, Groupwise or Lotus Notes/Domino). DocuWare incorporates all components needed for powerful Enterprise Content Management. Processes in every company can be automated and improved with DocuWare. DocuWare solutions are known for their easy installation, administration and operation, as well as an exceptionally low Total Cost of Ownership (TCO). DocuWare software is available in 13 languages. Enhanced with workflow functionalities, Web Content Management, and universal integration functions, DocuWare provides powerful Enterprise Content Management (ECM) functionality for enabling expansion throughout an organization.

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