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Mengali Accountancy Case Study

Mengali Accountancy, an environmentally conscious accounting firm in Northern California, implemented DocuWare to streamline their work processes and become a paperless office. Since implementing the solution, the firm has improved employee accountability, gained valuable tools for monitoring its workflow, streamlined audits and strengthened its bottom line, while preserving ecology and eliminating paper usage.

Mengali Accountancy (MA) provides expertise in accounting, financial management and tax services. They specialize in handling outsourced accounting services for small businesses in the real estate and construction industry throughout Northern California.


With many different types of accounts, Mengali Accountancy handles a high volume of transactional processing for their clients. Documents range from accounts payable invoices, bank statements, loan statements, credit card statements and more. The company receives over 200 documents each day, primarily through the mail; although some information is received via fax and e-mail as well.

Work Process

Prior to implementing DocuWare, work was divided among the staff by client, regardless of whether the task was a basic transaction or more complex. It was difficult for the company to fully utilize their senior accountants because dividing the work by anything other than client was too difficult in their paper-intensive environment.

The company’s central filing room is located in the middle of the office. Documentation was filed manually and like any manual filing system, was limited by the inevitable human error. With specific storage guidelines and similar client account numbers, mistakes were easy to make. Filing documents accurately was time consuming but a business critical task for every employee in the company.

Responding to document audit requests, for example, for real estate investment pools - where millions of dollars have been invested - always seemed to be a stressful, time intensive, difficult process that could not often be given to an assistant to complete, due to the level of document complexity. With various audits occurring year round, the accounting firm needed a better way to manage and retrieve information.

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