MegaTrack 3.2 Whitepaper

megatrack whitepaperAs the business environment becomes more competitive and profit margins become slimmer, the need for companies to become more efficient and cost-effective has never been more important.

While some business expenses are easy to calculate and control, others can be just as elusive. For instance, the often overlooked cost associated with printing.

It’s important to realize that the cost of printing goes beyond paper, ink and toner consumption. Other contributing factors to this necessary expense include the type of printer being used, wear and tear on the unit, maintenance costs and depreciation. All of which must be considered and added to the cost of each page printed.

Once accurate information has been gathered, end-user waste can be identified and eliminated. In addition, costs can be further defrayed by billing the appropriate department or client for each printed page.

Download the full whitepaper: 2.2.2.Megatrack_Whitepaper.pdf