MDS Improves Operational Efficiency and Customer Centricity

A leading retail bank wasted time and money managing its own document infrastructure. Keen to outsource service provision, the bank sought a supplier capable of providing managed services on a global basis. Ricoh proved the perfect partner, implementing the structured programme through which the bank achieved dramatic improvements in operational efficiency.

Retail Banking

One of the world’s leading retail banks, Ricoh’s customer has assets of more than 3 trillion and serves nearly 100 million customers worldwide. Customer centricity and operational excellence are key business drivers for the bank. Many non-core support services are outsourced to drive improvements in efficiency and facilitate increased customer focus. 

The bank’s document infrastructure was managed at local level. Equipment had been supplied by different vendors under variable terms. Services were internally resourced and the bank was spending vast sums of money on print. Ricoh was engaged to transform the bank’s document infrastructure and provide managed services on a global basis.

Managed Document Services

Ricoh provides an end-to-end service, managing all aspects of the bank’s global document infrastructure from planning to implementation, ongoing support and optimisation. It is a holistic and supportive approach. With print provided as a managed service, the bank has been able to devote more resource to customer-centric activities.

Aligning the bank’s business objectives with its need for versatile and secure  technology, Ricoh developed a standardised solution. The new technology has automated document workflows, improving business efficiency. Ricoh supports the document infrastructure, maintaining equipment and optimising services to meet changing needs.

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