Managing Documents for Success in the New Business Information Paradigm

Setting the Scene

In recent years C-level executives in many of the world's largest and most successful organizations have been forced to introduce a wide range of cost-cutting measures as macroeconomic forces continue to create a challenging and uncertain trading environment. In many instances, and with growth becoming an increasingly difficult goal to achieve, organizations have been under intense pressure to reduce the cost base to help growth. But at what cost to future success? An overzealous attack on the bottom line to maintain shareholder value in the short term could mean organizations are leaving themselves open to damaging productivity shortfalls in the future.

Cost Reduction - A Balanced Approach

An unbalanced approach toward cost reduction will inevitably bring serious implications for mission-critical factors such as employee productivity, organizational efficiency, and competitive advantage. IDC believes that companies need to manage and improve key business processes in order to capture essential productivity and efficiency gains. They must also take measures to ensure the enterprise is ready to meet the challenges posed by the changing dynamic of the future workforce. This paper discovers how some of Europe's leading organizations are benefiting from taking an innovative approach to managing and improving the myriad documentintensive workflows and processes that together form the lifeblood of the contemporary business.

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