Managed Document Services Save Hospital 30%

Ricoh provides Managed Document Services for a respected university hospital. Ricoh transformed the hospital’s document infrastructure, improving its operational efficiency by updating technology and automating workflows. Ricoh’s service-based approach has reduced internal support requirements and is saving the hospital considerable sums of money. 

Essential Technology

Ricoh’s customer, a large university hospital, has an international reputation for medical excellence, pioneering research and academic scholarship. The high-tech facility treats hundreds of thousands of patients every year, employs more than 5,000 people and provides training for medical students and doctors attending seminars.

Patients, employees and students rely upon the hospital’s information communication technology. Recognising that there was scope to improve the efficacy of its document infrastructure, the hospital tendered for a new service partner. The objectives were to improve operational efficiency and minimise cost by optimising document related services.

30% Saving

Ricoh provides Managed Document Services for a number of leading hospitals, expertly addressing the unique needs of the healthcare sector. Ricoh responded to the university hospital’s tender with a considered proposal which would see Ricoh transform and manage all facets of the hospital’s document infrastructure. 

Ricoh developed an optimised solution which prioritised workflow automation, accessibility and governance. Ricoh micromanaged a phased implementation and provides day-to-day services. Ricoh’s support has helped the hospital to improve operational efficiency whilst cutting document related costs by more than 30%.

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