Lightning Source Redefines Books on Demand

Headquartered in La Vergne, Tennessee just
outside Nashville, Lightning Source is the
innovative company recognized for making
digital one-off book printing and distribution
a practical reality. Since its inception in 1997,
Lightning Source has successfully crossed
conventional book manufacturing lines,
emerging with a revolutionary on-demand
production model that enables books to be
purchased, printed and delivered in as little
as 12 hours. Today, Lightning Source offers
one of the most comprehensive packages of
print-on-demand and distribution services in the world. In addition to its La Vergne location, the company supports its industrytransforming business model with production facilities in Allentown, Pennsylvania and Milton Keynes in the United Kingdom. Lightning Source is the brainchild of John Ingram, Chairman of Lightning Source, Inc. and Chairman of the Ingram Book Group, one of the largest wholesale book distributors in the United States. With a database of over 500,000 titles and more than 5,000 publishing partners, Lightning Source has delivered more than 50 million books on demand, with an average run length of 1.8 copies. Lightning Source offers multiple service level options, with the shortest turnaround from manufacture to delivery running between 12 and 24 hours. While major trade book publishers are key customers, the company also serves university presses, large, midsize and independent book publishers and niche publishers who want to print books in small runs to minimize overprinting, returns and remaindering. discusses the advances that digital book printing technology has made possible, “The supply chain in the book industry  is extremely inefficient. Our vision is to collapse the supply chain as much as possible and apply the principles that have worked in other industries to get the right books out at the right time in the right quantity.”

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