Lexmark Managed Print Services (MPS)

No output strategy.
No operational efficiency.

Businesses still depend on paper to serve customers, run supply chains, care for patients, open new accounts and all the other activities that drive performance and growth.

To move and use that paper-based information, organizations rely on processes and people. When these are aligned and efficient, your entire business benefits through faster turnaround, better decisions and responsive customer service.

Lexmark Managed Print Services (MPS) connects print, process and people to drive productivity and performance.

It creates environments for business growth and customer satisfaction through:

  • Infrastructure Optimization
  • Proactive Management
  • Business Optimization

Credibility established by our track record

Lexmark has been at the forefront of MPS for over a dozen years. We bring you a rich portfolio of awardwinning multifunctiondevices, industry-specific software and highly skilled experts.

Our customer loyalty is solid, with a renewal rate of 96% for the last four years, and one of the greatest percentages of large customers of any MPS provider.

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