Kyocera's Hypas Technology


Not so long ago, the MFP was a device for printing, copying, scanning and occasionally faxing. But technology has evolved, and the enhanced capability of the devices has brought about many additional requirements and fundamentally changed the way MFPs are used today. The transition to colour printing for instance relates to the increasing need for document accounting in order to control and manage output costs. Security became a topic with high relevance not only for PCs and networks, but also for MFPs: how to secure the data travelling between PC and output tray, and how to avoid that unauthorized users pick up confidential information from output trays. Other important issues for companies are to increase productivity and to reduce costs. Considering that costs related to document output can be as high as 3% of a company’s revenue, reducing these costs can have significant impact on a company’s bottom line. Process automation for example is an excellent productivity booster: instead of repeating complex steps each time, the automated process can be started with one click directly from the panel and saves users much time while at the same time reducing risks of errors.

All these topics – cost control and cost reduction, security, productivity – are fundamental for the survival of any company, with direct impact on their profit situation. Therefore companies are looking for solutions that address their requirements and individual situation in the best way.

To be able to answer the diverse needs of customers, MFP Solution Platforms were developed and integrated into the devices, as a basis for applications to be executed on the MFP. These platforms enable connectivity between the device and external business applications, which opens up endless options of advanced functionality. For instance, there can be a direct connection between the device and a company’s Document Management System so that documents can be immediately and correctly archived with little effort directly from the MFP panel.

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