Kyocera MyQ Version 4.4 - Whitepaper

1. MyQ Functionality Overview

1.1. MyQ System Introduction

1.1.1. Complete solution for printing services

The main objective of the MyQ system is to offer universal tool providing all services related to print, copy and
scan in one package. Flexibility of MyQ system allows the customer to use only functions he/she currently needs
and expend it easily any time in the future if required.

1.1.2. Easy installation and management

Integration of all monitoring and printing functions into a single unified system results in an easy and intuitive
operation with minimal requirements for installation and system administration.

1.1.3. High compatibility

To fulfill the real market requirements, MyQ assures the most possible level of compatibility in all three related
topics IT environment, device equipment and ID technology.

  • Support for Citrix or MS Terminal Server environments
  • Support for MS Cluster (also possible to use the built-in MyQ Easy Cluster)
  • Printing from Windows, Linux and MAC OS plus support of AS400 or SAP
  • More than 1600 supported print/copy devices from more than 25 vendors
  • Nearly 20 technologies for user identification supported in standard, easy customization enables to connect almost every reader available on the market

Download Full Whitepaper: Kyocera MyQ Version 4.4 - Whitepaper