KYOCERA Document Solutions Study 2012 - Managed Document Services in Europe


IT requirements have increased constantly over the last few years in European companies. Security aspects and new Customer Relationship Management (CRM) and Enterprise Resource Planning (ERP) solutions are just some of the key issues which need to be addressed by IT managers in companies. At the same time, cost pressures have continued to rise and IT departments need to provide business processes for specialist divisions, and there is a greater need to react more quickly to economic developments or structural changes within the company. This situation requires new software and hardware Solutions.

There is a focus on print and document management. Some European companies have somewhat neglected these substantial cost saving drivers in the IT sector over the last few years. Until now, costs associated with print and document management have not been tracked so there is no transparency. The need for new solutions has also increased, in many companies, heterogeneous device structures continue to dominate printing and document printing. This leads to high costs, a high level of administrative input and an inefficient service. The difficult issue of ‘big data’ also presents IT managers with the challenge of integrating new efficient and intelligent processes into the company IT system.

Managed Document Services (MDS) provide companies with a comprehensive system for analysing and optimising the device structure and document management using intelligent software solutions. 

By changing our name to KYOCERA Document Solutions in April, we highlighted the document management solutions for users offered by our company as a specialist in print and document management solutions. Over the last few years, we have constantly expanded our expertise in the managed document services field.  

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