KYOCERA Document Solutions America Introduces Business Applications to Enhance MFP Capabilities

FAIRFIELD, N.J. – April 16, 2014– KYOCERA Document Solutions America, one of the world's leading document solutions companies, today announced the launch of four new powerful business applications: AccuSender Fax, OpenText Alchemy Connector, Kyocera PanelPlus, and Kyocera Language Exchange. Built on Kyocera’s HyPAS software development platform, each business application promises to improve workflow in the most demanding environments. Most important, these Kyocera-developed business applications mark the first of many applications that will be introduced by the company in the upcoming fiscal year.

AccuSender Fax solves a critical problem for those who fax documents on a regular basis by freeing users to send scanned documents as faxes directly from a Kyocera multifunctional product (MFP) through their existing fax server. Users need only scan a hardcopy (or select one from stored archives) and enter a fax number as a destination address. It’s simple, cost-effective, and secure. Plus, it provides an audit trail of faxed documents for those who face stricter compliance regulations, such as those who work in the healthcare, manufacturing and finance industries.

OpenText Alchemy Connector enables OpenText Alchemy customers to leverage their existing software investments by utilizing Kyocera MFPs as the on ramp to an industry leading document management solution. By using this powerful business application, users can send scanned hardcopy documents directly into OpenText Alchemy without any special middleware or server add-ons. This seamless, direct link facilitates activities across every aspect of a document’s life cycle: capture, store, share, revise and dispose.

Kyocera has also introduced the next version of its powerful scanning and copying application, PanelPlus. The application allows users to customize the scan and copy features found on the MFP’s control panel. As a result, tasks such as scan-to-PC and scan-to-FTP with desired scan settings, such as resolution and file format, quickly become one-touch operations—thereby saving time, streamlining activity, and reducing human error.

Kyocera Language Exchange is a business application that allows end-user customers in multi-lingual environments to operate an MFP’s control panel in their native language. Supporting French Canadian, Spanish, and Portuguese, the app allows users to choose their native language with a single touch, simplifying device operations in a user’s desired language. The device will automatically revert to the default language when it returns to sleep mode.

In the coming year, Kyocera will continue to expand its line by offering new applications in six key areas: capture and distribution, document management, mobile and cloud, network device management, output management, and cost control and security. The Company will also be introducing application packages designed to address the critical business challenges of key vertical markets.

Pricing and Availability

These Kyocera business applications are available through authorized Kyocera dealers. Pricing below reflects Manufacturer’s Suggest Retail Price (MSRP).

  • AccuSender Fax - $199.00
  • OpenText Alchemy - $365.00
  • Kyocera PanelPlus - $44.00
  • Language Exchange - $80.00

To find a dealer to learn more about connector compatibility, visit Kyocera’s dealer locator at