Kofax Capture Enterprise Implementation Considerations


Optimized for enterprise-wide usage, Kofax Capture is a modular application. Right out of the box it can support the needs of a small or medium sized business or a single department, or it can expand to meet the needs of a high-volume enterprise.

Kofax Capture's flexible design makes it easy to incorporate customizations that perform highly specialized tasks to accommodate unique enterprise requirements.

The Kofax Capture platform offers exceptional compatibility with scanners and other caputre devices, content and document management systems, workflow applications, and databases. No matter what hardware or enterprise applications are implemented, Kofax Capture ensures consistent capture, indexing, and validation of the information needed by an enterprise.

As the capture industry leader, Kofax has the experience and expertise to address the neesds of any size enterprise. To do so, Kofax adheres to the following precepts:

Leverage Industry Standards to Include:

  • High availabilty
  • Standard platforms and communication protocols
  • Minimal operator training

Offer cusomtization enhancements such as:

  • Sample custom modules
  • Fully commented and self-documented sourch code examples
  • Extensive API libraries

Provide business process flexibility

Optimize capture and data extraction

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