KODAK i5800 Scanner with Controlled Dual Stacking Accessory Automates Document Separating to Drive Speed and Efficiency

Rochester, N.Y.,May 29 2013 - The award-winning KODAK i5800 Scanner is now available with an optional accessory that automatically separates documents based on size, class, or type to boost processing speeds, decrease handling time, and achieve cost savings. The KODAK Controlled Dual Stacking Accessory outputs separated documents into two exit trays, which makes them more easily accessible for further processing.

"Manual handling can slow down applications that rely on high-volume production capture to rapidly process documents," said Will Hebert, Product Line Manager for Kodak's Document Imaging business. "The Controlled Dual Stacking Accessory helps to alleviate this challenge by automating document separation, which results in fewer errors and greater efficiency."

The Controlled Dual Stacking Accessory separates mixed batches of documents by specific classes or subsets of documents. Use cases for the accessory include post-scan separating of patch sheets used between different batches or separating mixed-size documents such as checks and invoices. Additionally, multi-feed documents automatically trigger an alarm and can be directed into the output tray closest to the operator, making identification and resolution of the pages easier (http://youtu.be/3lwnnOczqGI).

Part of the KODAK i5000 Scanner Series (www. kodak.com/go/i5000news), the i5800 Scanner features KODAK Dynamic Flow Technology, Kodak's breakthrough digital architecture that delivers optimized memory allocation and processing paths.

Offering a capacity of 50,000 pages per day with speeds of up to 120 pages per minute, Parker Rhodes Hickmotts were particularly attracted by the range of features which come with the Kodak i4600 production scanners.

Dynamic Flow Technology helps businesses eliminate the need for additional image processing with built-in features that strengthen image accuracy and reduce total processing time and operating costs. Kodak's Perfect Page Image Processing technology automatically enhances image quality, corrects streaks and adjusts color, brightness, contrast, background preference, and orientation. Together, these integrated features help to more accurately convert paper-based documents into process-ready information.

The i5800 Scanner's enhanced functionality is easy to use and boosts operator productivity. In addition to the optional Controlled Dual Stacking Accessory, a height-adjustable transport provides users with a more ergonomic setup while programmable function keys deliver a simplified user experience.

With an unlimited daily volume, the i5800 Scanner is optimized for true production-class environments, offering rapid throughput, robust paper handling, and feeder capacities. The i5800 Scanner includes an automatic 750-sheet elevator design with five settings: continuous feed, 100-sheet, 250-sheet, 500-sheet, and full 750-sheet batches. With the standard feeder, the i5800 Scanner is capable of handling various paper types, from 12 lb. bond to 110 lb. index. An optional ultra-lightweight feeder accessory enables users to handle more delicate types including 7 lb. rice paper to 20 lb. bond. The i5800 Scanner includes support for multiple document sizes, from 2.5 inches x 2.5 inches, to 12 inches x 180 inches.

The i5800 Scanner and the Controlled Dual Stacking Accessory are available through Kodak's network of channel partners.

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