Kodak Adds SharePoint Capture Tools

<p>Kodak is adding two new scan and workflow solutions for SharePoint, KODAK Document Viewer and KODAK Scan and View software, for document-driven workflows such as invoice processing, contract management or admitting new employees.</p> <p>“SharePoint adoption is clearly on the rise, with an estimated 100,000 server installations and 200 million Client Access Licenses to-date, yet many businesses still search for organizational structure and management tools needed to take full advantage of this powerful system,” said Tim Mortenson, Worldwide Business Director, Software, Document Imaging, Kodak’s Business Solutions and Services Group. “Kodak’s new software offerings enable users to more easily find, view and work with documents and metadata uploaded to SharePoint from any source, including paper documents, files and records.” <br /> <br />Document Viewer embeds an inline document preview function directly within SharePoint. A visual search function provides full document previews within search results on SharePoint. It can then display document previews in either thumbnail or full page format and users may zoom in and out or fit the document to the width of screen. Document previews do not require a wait for the entire document to be transmitted, and more than 300 file types are vieweable without the native application.</p> <!--break--> <p>KODAK Scan and View Software supports document scanning and image enhancement directly within SharePoint.It extends the Document Viewer Software through additional capabilities such as an enhanced search function and collaboration and workflow tools to enable users to annotate, stamp and highlight specific documents. Single-click tools will be provided that rearrange and remove pages, and split and merge documents. Users can edit and enhance documents in SharePoint environments with tools such as border removal, page de-skewing, and image cleanup.</p> <p>This article was originally posted on <a href="http://www.buyerslab.com/Solutions/News/May-2011/Kodak-Adds-SharePoint-C...’s Laboratory</a>.</p>