KIP Introduces "KIP Print” Designed for Monochrome and Color Wide Format Print Production Systems

Maximizes Printing Convenience

KIP software maximizes printing convenience by providing customers with a single, uniform user interface for all devices, eliminating complexity and reducing time spent on print jobs. Activating the KIP Track system allows jobs to be assigned to users and projects, and to accurately determine printing costs.

Simple and Transparent for End Users

Jobs can be created from multiple documents using the KIP Print submission software, or KIP PrintNet web browser software. Individual documents can then be previewed before printing with true WYSIWYP functionality – What You See Is What You Print – that shows exactly how they will print on the selected printer, allowing accurate checking of document contents and print settings.

Easy-to-Use Software Tools

“KIP’s new software applications give end-users easy-to-use tools to prepare print jobs and send them to any KIP print system, color or monochrome," said Wil Reimer, National Technical Manager for KIP America. Accurate job previewing for all technical document file formats, shows exactly how jobs will look when printed, avoiding the need for costly reprints. The integrated accounting functions can be used to make costs transparent and allow charging to projects or customers when appropriate.

Availability and Resources

Starting March 1st 2012 KIP New Software Programs will be included in all new KIP system shipments, including: KIP 700, 7100, 7700, C7800, 7900 and KIP 9900. Also available at are detailed operator and enduser manuals for the range of KIP software applications. Online training tutorials are available for viewing in the KIP App Store on