IQ MFP...The Electronic Filing Solution That Makes You More Efficient And More Profitable.

<p><a href=""><img title="2010-02-04_193051" style="border-right: 0px; border-top: 0px; display: inline; margin: 0px 10px 10px 0px; border-left: 0px; border-bottom: 0px" height="239" alt="2010-02-04_193051" src="" width="190" align="left" border="0" /></a> Independent studies by major auditing firms indicate that most businesses lose one out of every twenty documents they create or receive. The costs associated with lost or simply misfiled documents mount quickly.</p> <p>In partnership with HP, Informa Software delivers a solution that eliminates the time wasted looking for documents and the cost of making unnecessary copies.</p> <p>Simply scan from the front panel of an HP mfp and file your document with a few keywords. Unlike copier-based mfps, IQmfp allows the input of index keywords from your desktop. All document types and search fields are custom-definable. IQmfp will also capture documents from MS Office applications or any Windows file type through the native Windows “Send to” feature with a few keystrokes.</p> <p>Security at the document type, user and group levels insure that only authorized users gain access to documents.</p> <p>Using an intuitive browser-based search, IQmfp can find documents by keywords or data ranges. Documents are displayed in the industry-standard Adobe® PDF Reader, allowing you to save, print, e-mail or even fax as necessary. IQmfp saves you money by dramatically reducing labor and other operational costs. Fewer trips to the filing cabinet and copier mean more employee productivity. Finding information quicker means being more responsive to customers, which translates directly into a competitive advantage.</p> <!--break--> <div class="wlWriterEditableSmartContent" id="scid:8eb9d37f-1541-4f29-b6f4-1eea890d4876:85046653-1e2c-4473-a272-e665d560e93d" style="padding-right: 0px; display: inline; padding-left: 0px; float: none; padding-bottom: 0px; margin: 0px; padding-top: 0px"><p><div>Download Full Whitepaper: <a href="" target="_self">IQ-MFP...The Electronic Filing Solution That Makes You More Efficient And More Profitable</a></div></p></div>