Interesting Advancements in Printing Technology

Since the dawn of the printer, there have been continual advancements in technology that continue to make our lives easier, faster and more reliable. These advancements have taken shape in both hardware, software and through other avenues like machine memory and security. Well some of the newest print technology is here.

Solidoodle has just introduced the world's first 3-d printer that costs under $500. While this may not apply to your office or replace your document printer by any means, it is still an interesting advancement that shows what we are capable of.


This 3-D printer is able to print out three dimensional objects up to six inches. It starts with the base layer and prints using molten plastic as its "ink" building one layer at a time until it prints out your object. It can be used to print out various things from bottle openers and pen holders to figurines and trinkets.

Keeping up with the latest technology can keep your business ahead of the curve. In this case, it is just more entertaining than actually helpful in advancing your business.