Ink Myths: Original, Compatible, Re-manufactured and Refilled Cartridges

Printing is an expense that companies can’t avoid. The printer may be a large up-front cost but most printing budgets are spent on ink cartridges and paper. Most printer manufacturers urge you to buy a new name brand ink cartridge for your printer or it may cause problems. After shopping around for your specific ink cartridge you will find places that advertise amazingly cheaper prices for re-manufactured, refilled, and discounted off brank ink cartridges; but what is kind of damage could these products do to your printer and your budget.

Let’s break down your options:

Original - These are the cartridges that are specifically made from your printers’ manufactures for your style of printer. These cartridges are name brand, top quality, and usually the most expensive option. Large name brand printing companies will sell printers at a discounted price and sell the ink at a much larger price. Printer manufacturers can afford to sell you a printer at $45 because they will recover any loss in the cost of ink ranging from $40-$115 per cartridge. These are great for big print jobs but not long time use.

Compatible - These ink cartridges are not made by most print manufactures but they are compatible with many different brands of top name printers. These companies usually do not make printers so they profit off of ink alone. Most of the time you will not be able to see the difference in these ink cartridges performance but your wallet sure will. These cartridges are great for big print jobs!

Re-manufactured - These cartridges are usually recycled but not refilled. These ink cartridges are taken apart, cleaned, and then refilled with ink. This is a great way to keep cost down and recycle old used cartridges. Be mindful when it comes to purchasing these ink cartridges, some companies can get sloppy and ink can get mixed. Only purchase these ink cartridges from a source you trust. These cartridges are not best for large print jobs but great for long time use.

Refilled - Some bands of ink cartridges are manufactured to be refilled. This sometimes means you can refill them yourself with kits bought at your local office supplies store or they can be refilled while you shop. Although these cartridges can help you save money and reuse the cartridge instead of throwing them away; these ink cartridges can cause problems: they can become clogged, leak, and cause damage to the printers. These cartridges are not made for large print jobs or long use.

When you are looking for ink you can now make a decision depending on your printing preferences and budget.