InfoPrint Solutions Company and Prinova Bring State-of-the-Art Customer Communications to Market

Boston, MA, Booth #647, March 4, 2007– InfoPrint Solutions Company, a joint venture between IBM and Ricoh, today announces a collaboration with software and professional services provider Prinova, to combine InfoPrint’s suite of TransPromo solutions with Prinova’s messagepoint™ software. This includes the professional services of InfoPrint’s consulting team and Prinova’s expertise in document design and systems integration, to give customers the tailored support needed to implement a successful project combining data and print on transactional documents.

Prinova’s messagepoint is a web-based software solution that allows control of messaging across multiple channels. It allows end users to manage and deliver campaign content while easily targeting and tracking campaigns via a single, web-based portal. messagepoint is a vital part of the InfoPrint TransPromo suite of hardware and software solutions alongside InfoPrint’s AFP-enhanced InfoPrint 5000, InfoPrint ProcessDirector software, and other best-of-breed software offerings from Mapping, StreamServe and Exstream.

The InfoPrint 5000 is a state-of-the-art full-color, continuous forms inkjet drop-on-demand printing system with high print quality, even at high speeds and enables businesses to use color to make TransPromo communications even more attention-grabbing and effective. The new InfoPrint 5000 models support the new AFP Color Management Architecture, designed to provide accurate and consistent color rendering, particularly important when delivering color on the statement.

This collaboration also marries InfoPrint's strengths in document production, color and system integration with supporting software, design and systems integration services from Prinova, including post implementation support, training and best practices advice. This will enable marketers creating transactional documents with added incremental value and significant response rate, the support needed when rolling out TransPromo marketing campaigns. 

“Working with best-of-breed team members such as Prinova, InfoPrint brings to market the leading edge combination of technology, consulting and experience to allow today’s marketers to enhance customer loyalty, improve campaign response rates all while generating incremental revenue, and importantly tying together multi-channel campaigns,” said Sandra Zoratti, Vice President, Strategic Business Development and Transformation. “Working with a proven partner like Prinova, who already have in-depth experience working with early adopters of TransPromo, we aim to drive widespread uptake of this technique amongst marketers who until now may have been in the dark about exactly where to start.”

The uptake of TransPromo continues as market conditions demand the need for better ways to reach and engage customers. Advances in digital printing, data acquisition and enrichment, campaign and message management, and document composition technologies now enable more sophisticated documents to be produced. Add to this the issue of rising postal costs and an evolving focus on sustainability means TransPromo is now becoming key technique for marketers in today’s multi-channel world. It also presents a growing market opportunity, with industry analysts InfoTrends predicting that such output will grow from 1.6 billion pieces in 2006, to 21.7 billion in 2010, a huge growth rate of 91 percent.

“We are working with InfoPrint to combine the best of the technical and creative worlds, giving customers meaningful and relevant information on their transactional documents. This brings a unique TransPromo offering to the table, combining our core offerings of the messagepoint™ solution, advanced document design, document engineering, consulting and training with InfoPrint’s hardware and services offerings,” said Nick Romano, President and CEO, Prinova. “For many in the industry, undertaking a TransPromo campaign has been extremely cumbersome, until now. By combining the right blend of technology, skills and support, we aim to give marketers the advice and support they need to fully realize the benefits of this medium.”

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