Individual Changes to Improve Office Printing

<p>Reducing the resources that we individually use can go a long way to creating a greener office environment. While it is important for businesses to put conservation methods into practice, if each employee makes small changes to their normal habits businesses would be able to save significantly. Here are some of our favourite green habits for employees to put into practice:<a href=""><img style="background-image: none; border-right-width: 0px; margin: 10px 0px 10px 10px; padding-left: 0px; padding-right: 0px; display: inline; float: right; border-top-width: 0px; border-bottom-width: 0px; border-left-width: 0px; padding-top: 0px" title="iStock_000013060077Small" border="0" alt="iStock_000013060077Small" align="right" src="" width="176" height="117" /></a></p> <p><b>Utilize Print Preview: <br /></b>Print preview is a wonderful tool that lets you see exactly how a document will print out. This allows you to cut out banner pages, and even select exclusively the section you wish to print out, saving significantly on paper and ink.</p> <p><b></b></p> <p><b>Power Down: <br /></b>Turning off equipment at the end of the day can lead to significant power savings for your office.</p> <!--break--> <p><b></b></p> <p><b>Duplex Printing: <br /></b>Duplex printing allows you to print on both sides of a sheet of paper. This feature is becoming more and more common, and can save your office up to 40% of its paper use.</p> <p><b></b></p> <p><b>Proper Deployment: <br /></b>Deploying your equipment in the proper manner is extremely important. Not only can you optimize your office for efficiency, but also help reduce things such as your utility costs. If your printers are all bunched together, this can increase energy consumption by raising the temperature and making it more difficult to cool your office down. </p> <p>Contact us today to learn more about how we can help you create a greener printing environment in your office! </p> <p>This article was originally posted on <a href="">Kansas City Copiers</a> site Digix Inc.</p>