HP Strengthens HAVEn Big Data Platform to Power New Class of Human Information Applications

PALO ALTO, Calif. — HP Autonomy today announced a new version of HP IDOL that deepens integration with key components of HP’s HAVEn big data platform—HP ArcSight, HP Vertica and Apache Hadoop—and significantly expands HP IDOL’s analytics, reliability and ease of use.

Big data is rapidly transitioning from an exclusive domain reserved for data scientists running complex algorithms, to a more mainstream market in which organizations rely on powerful analytics for an expanding set of everyday, operational applications. These organizations seek a flexible, secure and high-speed platform that can economically combine structured data, machine data, and new forms of unstructured, human information.

HP IDOL 10.5 builds on initial integration with each HP HAVEn component, thereby enabling organizations and partners to more easily build big data applications for a broad spectrum of analytic applications. Organizations can now take advantage of HP Vertica’s unmatched data processing speeds, HP ArcSight’s industry-leading information security, as well as resource investments in creating Hadoop data repositories—all within a single integrated information platform.

This unique and comprehensive value proposition is quickly driving adoption in the nascent big data market. More than 120 value added resellers (VARs), service providers and systems integrators around the world have adopted the HP HAVEn platform to deliver innovative big data solutions that enable their customers to gain valuable insights that drive business strategy. These partners are developing applications on the HAVEn platform, spanning a wide range of industries, including insurance, healthcare, retail and telecommunications.

Integrating HP IDOL with the key HP HAVEn components enables organizations both small and large to tap the power of big data to seize competitive advantage:

  • HP IDOL for Hadoop transforms Hadoop from a somewhat narrow, traditional data storage bin to a robust intelligent analytics platform that can derive insights from petabytes of data. By embedding powerful HP IDOL functions such as sentiment analysis, clustering and entity extraction into Hadoop nodes, enterprises can perform advanced customer analytics, security analysis, operational analytics and much more. A lightweight version of HP IDOL for Hadoop will be available for download soon.
  • IDOL UDx pack for HP Vertica allows Vertica users to analyze unstructured data alongside transactional and semistructured machine data to get a 360-degree view of information. An early access version of the HP IDOL UDx pack for HP Vertica will be available on the Vertica marketplace next month.
  • HP IDOL Email Analytics Pack and IDOL Social Media Analytics Pack for HP ArcSight helps users prevent or manage insider threats, “hacktivist” threats and ill-willed communications by analyzing unstructured email and social media data alongside security, application and operations events in HP ArcSight Enterprise Security Manager. 

HP IDOL 10.5: More manageable, more reliable and more powerful

The newest improvements in HP IDOL 10.5 represent huge steps in ease of use, robustness and overall performance to the industry-leading information platform, including:

  • Improved reliability: HP IDOL 10.5 is more robust and reliable than ever, with improved resource management and monitoring, intelligent recovery from system failures, and much more.
  • Increased manageability: HP IDOL 10.5 reflects the company’s commitment to make this sophisticated technology easy to use and operate. It includes improvements to the HP IDOL Admin console, drastically simplified image server interface, asynchronous query support, improved compaction mechanism, more flexible backup experience with a differential back-up and point-in-time restore, and much more.
  • Enhanced power: HP IDOL 10.5 includes new connectors to key cloud-based applications and systems, improved sentiment analysis with precise sentiment scoring, new predefined entities that target specific business use cases such as PII and PCI-DSS, enhanced audio and image analysis, query performance improvement, dynamic structured data analysis that allows for on-the-fly definitions of virtual fields for analysis, and much more.

“Big data has always offered big potential to organizations looking to do more with their information assets,” said Rohit DeSouza, general manager, Information Analytics, HP Autonomy. “At HP, we are taking big data mainstream by providing organizations with a simple, modular, and powerful platform that allows organizations to make big data analytics a key component of how they run their business every day.”

HP IDOL 10.5 is available now.

Additional information on HP IDOL 10.5 is available at www.autonomy.com/idol105.