HP StoreOnce Catalyst and Symantec Backup Exec OpenStorage


In today’s business environment, customers rely on the most efficient, high performing, and reliable backup systems to protect critical business information. Customers need to protect increasing levels of data while keeping costs under control. HP StoreOnce Backup systems provide a disk-based data protection platform while addressing data growth by applying HP StoreOnce deduplication software for efficient, longer term data retention.

HP StoreOnce Catalyst software was developed to dramatically improve the performance, function, and integration with backup applications such as Symantec Backup Exec. StoreOnce Catalyst delivers deduplication where it has most value—be on an appliance server, media server, or dedicated appliance. Since it uses the same deduplication algorithm globally, data can be moved between Catalyst Stores on different platforms using bandwidth optimized transfers. StoreOnce Catalyst allows better utilization of advanced, disk-based storage solutions while increasing efficiency and performance.

This document describes the benefits of using HP StoreOnce Backup systems combined with HP StoreOnce Catalyst software and Symantec Backup Exec to back up important enterprise data. This document also recommends backup and recovery implementations.

The following are key recommendations for backing up data to an HP StoreOnce Backup system utilizing HP StoreOnce Catalyst software:

  • To improve backup storage utilization: backup one server at a time (sequentially) for quickly rising deduplication ratios that are maintained over time.
  • To reduce the end-to-end data size: if the backup process can accommodate it, use a unique StoreOnce Catalyst store for each data type or same type of operating system.
  • For the trade-off between backup impact and ease of recovery: configure a weekly full with daily incremental or initial full with daily incremental backup schedule to reduce the amount of end-to-end data and decrease the time required to run daily backups. StoreOnce Backup systems data deduplication will be utilized for full and incremental backups.
  • For efficient and cost effective movement of backup data offsite: use the StoreOnce Catalyst remote copy feature to seamlessly replicate all servers to an appliance in a remote facility for simpler recovery in the event of a disaster.
  • To increase backup speed without affecting deduplication ratios: use a larger Backup Exec backup block size for faster backup throughput performance with little or no effect on StoreOnce data deduplication ratios.

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