HP MPS Brings Cost-Efficiency, Visibility To Print Environment

Cost reductions, feature-rich devices, more project time for technology staff—Perkinelmer points to HP managed Print services (mPs) as the solution that transformed an inefficient, resource-intensive print environment into a streamlined system that paves the way for future electronic workflow initiatives.

“HP mPs has completely changed the landscape. We’ve drastically reduced the number of devices, gained multifunction efficiencies and freed staff time,” says andrew Lancaster, manager of It support and client technology at Perkinelmer. “What’s more, the solution brings visibility to usage patterns and costs that never were visible before.”


Perkinelmer, Inc. designs, manufactures and delivers advanced technology solutions that address global health and safety concerns, including maternal and fetal health, clean water and air, and safe food and toys. the company reported revenue of approximately $1.8 billion in 2009, and employs some 8,800 workers serving customers in more than 150 countries.

A few years ago, as the person newly in charge of the print environment, Lancaster noted a high device-to-employee ratio in some u.s. Perkinelmer offices and a proliferation of models from various vendors. His staff was spending an inordinate amount of time babysitting printers.

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