How to Build a Cost-Effective Print, Copy and Fax Solution

How to Build a Cost-Effective Print, Copy and Fax Solution Think about it
An important shift is occurring in the way organizations work with information. To understand the impact of this change we need only to look at our own work habits. When was the last time you printed a document, made a large number of copies of it to share with your colleagues and then filed the original in a filing cabinet? While these practices are not unheard of, they are becoming increasingly uncommon. These days it is far more likely that the business information we require comes to us electronically to be printed and stored as needed. Since it is generally more convenient (and just as economical) to print a smaller number of originals than it is to make copies of a single original, many of us often choose printing over copying.

There is no question that working people are changing their print, copy and fax behaviors. Yet in many organizations the hardware infrastructure that enables these workflows is not keeping pace with the change. For example, if your organization’s printers can’t support regular, small print runs, but you have a high-speed copier that no one is using, it is likely that you are spending too much on copier maintenance and overtaxing your printers.

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