High-Performance Fiery Digital Print Servers for Today’s Print Market

1 Production Performance for Today’s Market

Today, service providers and commercial printers make little money by simply printing on a sheet of paper; instead, they increase profitability by expanding services. A more powerful digital platform allows printers to offer services such as variable data printing (VDP), to take advantage of the flexibility and customization options of hybrid offset/digital environments and to simulate the quality of offset presses.

However, many of these services require print service providers to process complex jobs in an environment in which more and more jobs have smaller print quantities. This means service providers need the highest processing power available for more demanding requirements, such as VDP, along with advanced job-preparation and workflow automation tools to maximize productivity and throughput.

In addition, today’s print buyers require quicker job turnarounds and outstanding color output. Together, the combination of equipment and software — a highperformance digital front end (DFE), an advanced digital print engine, workflow automation software and color tools — allows shops to meet all these demands and remain profitable.

High performance DFEs, or print servers, give print service providers of all types the tools they need to meet both current expectations and future needs. The modular tools allow service providers to tailor the digital print solution to their particular situation, paying only for the functionality they need and adding additional capabilities as needs evolve and budgets allow. Investing in a high-performance DFE provides a platform for providers to be more competitive in an ever-changing marketplace.

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