Hewlett-Packard Case Study Creating 2,000+ brand advocates in two weeks with LinkedIn Recommendation Ads

Hewlett Packard’s social media team is responsible for accelerating the expansion of HP’s social capabilities globally to:

- Create advocacy for the HP brand, products, and services

- Generate strong engagement, sentiment, and conversation around HP products and services

- Support HP customers quickly and easily

- Drive leads, revenue, conversion, and cost savings

Larry Nelson, director of digital strategy at HP, says, “We were looking for new ways to use social media to engage our commercial clients when LinkedIn approached us with an opportunity called ‘Company Pages,’ which provides an HP-branded environment within the LinkedIn community. It’s essential for our content to be available anywhere, any time, in communities where our customers and prospects congregate.”

‘Company Page’ targets business professionals

HP launched its Company Page in November, 2010, along with LinkedIn’s new recommendation capability, which enables members to post recommendations of HP products and services. Each recommendation is automatically communicated to the recommender’s LinkedIn network, and also appears on the HP Company Page as a resource for those interested in community feedback on HP products and services. 


  • Engage commercial clients on LinkedIn
  • Encourage business professionals to recommend
  • HP products and services to their peers
  • Quickly build a critical mass of recommendations


  • Establish LinkedIn Company Page to engage professionals in a business context
  • Activate LinkedIn recommendation capability, inviting visitors to endorse HP products and services
  • Use LinkedIn Recommendation Ads to accelerate results

Download Full Case Study: Hewlett-Packard Case Study Creating 2,000+ brand advocates in two weeks with LinkedIn Recommendation Ads