Henkel AG & Co. KGaA

the impact of growth

At Henkel the development of the group and the strong global growth had impacted operations, particulary in the field of office communication. As is the case in many other companies, this area has grown over the years and with it the whole printing infrastructure.

Whether in the case of copiers, printers, fax machines or scanners, over the course of time many different output systems from many different manufacturers have been acquired in the entire group. Material buying and service were in various hands and were done worldwide through different suppliers and contracts. Because of the lack of transparency high total operating costs arose. In addition, the administration of this infrastructure became increasingly complex and expensive considering the worldwide diversity of products and services. This is reflected in the increased expenditure at Henkel IT and Procurement.

Dirk Wilhelms, Project Manager Henkel IT, describes the starting situation in the company. “We were confronted with a series of questions to which we had no suitable answers - a situation that is certainly familiar to many large companies. How high are the printing costs? How can these be better structured? And how can we migrate worldwide to a higher degree of standardization? We had no clear overview of our system status, because all the printers, scanners, copiers and fax machines had been acquired over a long period at the different geographical locations of the group. Diverse suppliers and service contracts were associated with them. The consequences were not only high total costs for the operation of all output systems, but also a significant cost on the part of IT, who are responsible for the installation and the operation of the apparatus“.

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