Guilty, Until Proven Innocent

We are living in a time when our nation and the world have been shaken by numerous businesses being probed for corporate improprieties such as wrongful accounting methods and records management fraud. It has become an almost current event to pick up the daily newspaper and read of another organization that has been accused of intentionally disposing critical business documents.

As a result, government agencies are developing new regulations for how organizations must manage their business content. These new regulations are compounding existing regulations defined by governing agencies such as the Food and Drug Administration (FDA), the Security and Exchange Commission (SEC) and the Department of Health and Human Safety (DHHS).

Customers, vendors, resellers, partners, and industry consultants in the technology, financial, banking and  healthcare industries are coalescing in an effort to wrap their arms around the challenges for creating a 'best practices' approach to meeting regulatory compliance.

Many regulations are still in their infancy and we are seeing shifts in these regulations on almost a daily basis. However, the need to demonstrate regulatory compliance has escalated the need for essential IT solutions tohigh priority for many information technology professionals and corporations. This includes enterprise storage at the back end and Enterprise Content Management (ECM) on the front end, including the critical digital imaging and scanning components of an ECM solution.

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