Greening Your Business Through Technology


Comfort and service are among the most important features that make a hotel stay enjoyable for guests. The hospitality industry is intently focused on this and strives to develop new and unique amenities for their patrons. Whether a small bed and breakfast or a grand-scale international resort, such details can make all the difference in fostering loyalty. In fact, ancillary sales of in-room products have become vital to the bottom line for nearly any facility.

In-Room Plus is the top manufacturer and distributor of snacks, custom logo products, and convenience items dedicated to the hotel minibar market. For 25 years, the company, based in Buffalo, New York, maintains a global presence, with over 350 of the largest and most respected names in hospitality. Quality, innovation, and responsiveness top the list of its enviable clientele, and the company’s ability to fulfill any size order within days has been the hallmark of its success.


In-Room Plus is continually coming up with new packaging designs for its clients and prospects. Much of its success in creating eye-popping materials has been attributed to the use of glossy spot varnish, which instantly appeals to guests. While long a part of traditional offset printing, such treatment isn’t cost effective for short runs or prepress proofs. To overcome this, the company’s design team would attempt to simulate the effect of a glossy varnish prior to print runs by using varying tints of color and outputting them on color printers in-house. But in the end, the noticeable absence of sheen resulted in lackluster enthusiasm among its customers.

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