Google’s Approach to IT Security: A Google White Paper


Google technologies that use cloud computing (including Gmail, Google Calendar, Google Docs, Google App Engine, Google Cloud Storage among others) provide famiiar, easy to use products and services for business and personal/consumer settings. These services enable users to access their data from Internet-capable devices. This common cloud computing environment allows CPU, memory and storage resources to be shared and utilized by many users while also offering security benefits.

Google provides these cloud services in a manner drawn from its experience with operating its own business, as well as its core services like Google Search. Security is a design component of each of Google’s cloud computing elements, such as compartmentalization, server assignment, data storage, and processing. 

This paper will explain the ways Google creates a platform for offering its cloud products, covering topics like information security, physical security and operational security. The policies, procedures and technologies described in this paper are detailed as of the time of authorship . Some of the specifics may change over time as we regularly innovate with new features and products.

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