Going Green: If You Talk The Talk, Walk The Walk!

Everyone says they are “going green” or have plans to “go green”. 61% of small businesses are actively trying to be greener and 70% of the small businesses not yet going green anticipate changing to green in the next two years. Offices like to be a part of the green movement and honestly, businesses can make a huge difference with reducing waste and reusing valuable resources. The most common problem is getting started! How do you change the way your office and your clients think about recycling and reducing waste in the office? Changing a habit is a big hurdle to clear, but once the “green” initiative is in place, the rest of the battle is a piece of cake.

Strategies to get started towards a greener office:

  • Make A Plan – Do you want to just recycle paper? Don’t forget about ink cartridges, reducing water use, buying recycled products, and buying non-toxic product.
  • Make It Public – When you have made a plan, its time to put it in action! Hold a meeting or post the plan on the office message board! Let everyone know the plan and how he or she can help. Send out a mass email to your clients stating the changes. Not only can you show off that you are helping the environment but inform them of any changes; like now they will see their bill electronically instead of printed and mailed.
  • Make Small Changes – Make the changes you will need to go green. Do not throw out any good materials or resources just because they are not made of recycled material. Use the materials you have but from here on out make the small changes. You don’t have to throw out your light bulbs for the energy safe light bulbs, just remember when you replace your office equipment to buy green! Even turning off all the office equipment when the office is closed for the day saves money on electricity bills!
  • Make Sure To Share – Your office can be the inspiration for other offices to go green. Sharing green ideas also helps your business find new ways to save money and the environment. Be proud of your accomplishment to work towards a greener office! 56% of small businesses go online to learn about green products!

Having a plan, putting it in action, and making small changes is the best strategy to get started over the large hurdle of going eco-friendly with your business. Always be on the lookout for more ways to save money and resources, and don’t forget to share!