Go Green for the New Year

It’s a brand new year and time to put 2013 in the past and start fresh!

You’ve learned lessons in 2013 that give you the ability to implement new solutions in your company in 2014 that will allow you to gain business as well as save money.

If you weren’t a very green company in 2013 it’s ok. You can change that this year by adopting “green” policies for the New Year!

There are number of reasons why your office should go green including:

  • It’s attracts business
  • It saves your company money
  • Encourages others’ to go green
  • And most importantly, it’s good for the environment

One way your office can go green is by encouraging green printing habits. Did you know that the typical office employee in North America prints 10,000 pages each year? Or that the average cost for the energy required to operate a single laser printer adds up to $225 over a one year period? Making simple changes in your printing environment can go a long way. By simply eliminating just one laser printer you could save up to $18.75 in energy costs each month!

Step to take to be green in your printing:

  • Encourage your employees to:
    • Use double-sided printing
    • Send emails instead of paper letters
    • Print only what is needed
  • Purchase energy efficient printers
  • Purchase an MFP
  • Recycle paper and ink cartridges

There are many ways to go green in 2014! Choose to be environmentally friendly by saving paper and using energy efficient office equipment.

This will not only help the environment but help your company save money and gain business.

Make the changes this year and see all of the savings!