Genesis Hosting Solutions

Networks have traditionally been designed for resiliency, not for flexibility, and often performance suffers as the network grows and becomes increasingly complex and fragile. Service providers targeting enterprises operate “networks within networks” and are particularly challenged with the costs and issues of maintaining and scaling these complicated infrastructures.

Genesis Hosting Solutions, a virtual infrastructure hosting company headquartered in Chicago, IL, is focused on enterprise customers who require high availability for their applications. Genesis is tuned to the individual needs of these enterprises, offering personalized infrastructures, including a new, unique service leveraging VMWare to deliver instant cloud environments. To facilitate their growth and implement a manageable, flattened network structure with secure multi-tenant virtual networks, Genesis chose NEC ProgrammableFlow, now working in production at Genesis.


Genesis is proud of their ability to offer high quality services for prices that are competitive and easy to understand. Their focus on high availability and quality service has laid the groundwork for continued expansion and growth. Yet their network infrastructure was expensive to maintain and a bottleneck to supporting next generation IT and business expansion. The ability to manage a large number of customer virtual environments, providing 5 nines of availability without complexity, was the goal.

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