Full Source and Full Output GCR Settings

1 Reasons to use Full Source or Full Output GCR

One of the settings in the ‘Expert colour settings’ screen on the Océ CPS800/CPS900 controller is the CMYK simulation method. It can be set to ‘Full Source GCR’ or ‘Full Output GCR’, where GCR is Grey Component Replacement. The CMYK simulation method influences CMYK files only, so it does not influence RGB data and spot colour data. The factory default for the Océ CPS800/CPS900 is Full Source GCR.

The CMYK simulation setting is useful because it specifies the treatment of the K channel (black channel) in CMYK data. Full Output GCR makes an exact colorimetric simulation of the specified CMYK colour. Full Source GCR makes a near-exact simulation and leaves the K channel unchanged during colour management. 

2 Full Output GCR

The Full Output GCR setting makes a complete and accurate colorimetric simulation of the input colours. Full Output GCR proofs the colours defined by the simulation profile. In combination with the output profile, the best proof is generated for CMYK on the Océ CPS800/CPS900. In Full Output GCR, the K channel (black channel) of the CMYK data is also taken into account during colour management. As a consequence, grey-scale and K-only CMYK information in the input file is re-separated into colour and will be accounted as a colour print.

3 Full Source GCR

The Full Source GCR setting makes a simulation of the input colours, taking into account the GCR characteristic specified in the source CMYK data. The black component of the CMYK input is preserved in the output, in other words the black component is not re-separated into colour. The Full Source GCR behaviour corresponds to the CMYK simulation method used
in the Océ CPS700 and in the classic edition of Océ CPS800/CPS900.

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