Fujitsu Introduces Projected Interface for Touch-Based Scanning

By Lisa Reider, Senior Product Editor, Scanners and Environmental

Fujitsu Laboratories Limited recently introduced technology that may change the way we scan documents. Instead of controlling the scanner actions through the control panel or dedicated computer-based software, you’ll be able to scan using your finger and a projected user interface. The system projects scan controls on a flat surface, similar to the projection technology currently being used to replace keyboards. However, with the Fujitsu system, users can actually digitally move objects or scan images with the movement of a finger.

The system uses an ordinary camera that can measure the shape of objects on a surface and automatically adjust the coordinates of each object as they relate to the projected interface. The associated software can then sync the finger movements made by the user with the projected interface and identify the intended commands. The technology can be calibrated to recognize the shape and color of an individual user’s hand and fingers. According to the company, the technology can track natural finger movement up to 300 mm per second. Although it may eventually be used for other purposes, Fujitsu highlighted the technology’s scanning capabilities through a video demonstration.

Fujitsu’s video shows the interface already projected onto a table-top. The user places a sheet of paper in front of the imaging cameras and moves her finger over the area she wishes to scan. A box is projected around the area, which is automatically captured and saved as soon as her finger leaves the page. Each selected area of the page is listed to the right of the document as a projected image that can be opened and expanded.

According to the company, Fujitsu Laboratories plans to evaluate the new technology and its related software components in real-world environments, with the aim to commercialize the technology in 2014.

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