Four Ways that a Multifunction System Contributes to a Greener Office

There are plenty of reasons why a business would take the step in purchasing a Multifunction System for their office. Whether it is for the purpose of boosting efficiency and productivity in the office, or if it’s for consolidating much needed space, a multifunction system can contribute many benefits that a business can realize in a short amount of time. Companies typically realize that they have made a smart decision in investing in a Multifunction System shortly after it has been installed.

Benefits of a Multifunction System that are sometimes overlooked are the various Green initiatives that are associated with the machines themselves. It’s easy for a business to know that productivity will be boosted by a Multifunction System, but it’s a little more difficult for a business to realize the eco-friendly benefits that can be realized when making the switch from individual pieces of office equipment.

Environmentally Friendly Benefits Associated with Multifunction Systems Include:

  • Replacing Stand-Alone Products- Replacing old, out-of-date, stand-alone products can contribute to the lessening of an office’s carbon footprint. Many times, individual printers can use up large amounts of energy. If this happens in many places in the office, a lot of energy is wasted.
  • Save on Printer Supplies- The amount of supplies used for a single MFP in an office can also severely cut down on the amount of ink, toner, and other supplies that are used on a weekly or monthly basis. Consolidating equipment is always good for the environment.
  • New Products are Energy Efficient- Having new products in the office almost always means an upgrade to the amount of energy that is used in a given day. New products are equipped with the latest technology that are designed to save energy and money.
  • Using Supplies Efficiency- Similar to using its energy consumption wisely, a new product will also be better in using the supplies it has in an efficient manner. New machines tend to use less ink, toner, and other supplies and when printing and helps reduce the amount of waste they produce.

Investing in a Multifunction System has many benefits a business can realize in either the short term or the long run. Either way, the Green choice of today’s machines almost always point to a Multifunction System.

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