Focus On Security Xerox Remote Services Security White Paper

<p><a href=""><img title="2010-04-26_223748" style="border-right: 0px; border-top: 0px; display: inline; margin: 0px 10px 10px 0px; border-left: 0px; border-bottom: 0px" height="225" alt="2010-04-26_223748" src="" width="174" align="left" border="0" /></a> Introduction <br />NOTE: This document refers to Remote Services as a collection of tools used on various Xerox products. The features and information contained in this document refer to the Production Remote Services, prInteract and SMart eSolutions tools.</p> <p>Xerox is responsive to the security concerns of our customers. Xerox Remote Services are designed to avoid making networks more susceptible to viruses. Remote Services transactions always originate from the device, based on authorizations made by the customer. Remote Services can only&#160; communicate with a secure server at Xerox that conforms to the stringent requirements of the internal Xerox Corporation information management&#160; infrastructure. Customers do not need to make any changes to Internet firewalls, proxy servers, or other security infrastructure.</p> <p>Xerox systems are designed to integrate within customer workflows. They connect to the network and push machine data to Xerox Communication servers where the information can be reviewed and analyzed to be used to evaluate service issues as well as to automate billing and supplies replenishment. This built-in knowledge-sharing feature of Xerox systems is what makes Xerox Remote Services viable and its approach unique.</p> <p>Xerox Remote Services helps differentiate Xerox machine performance and support from other equipment suppliers. While other vendors may remotely <br />monitor some of their machines, Xerox has developed integrated systems and remote tools, and coupled them with highly skilled Xerox support teams who <br />are tasked with working to make Xerox customers more productive and satisfied. This combination creates a high value Remote Services capability that <br />provides proactive problem resolution, and a robust underlying knowledge of the customer’s needs.</p> <!--break--> <div class="wlWriterEditableSmartContent" id="scid:8eb9d37f-1541-4f29-b6f4-1eea890d4876:78c42e70-03f9-412d-b6ab-f6edb1b5e06f" style="padding-right: 0px; display: inline; padding-left: 0px; float: none; padding-bottom: 0px; margin: 0px; padding-top: 0px"><p><div>Download Full Whitepaper: <a href="" target="_self">Focus On Security Xerox Remote Services Security White Paper</a></div></p></div>