Florida Benefits Corporation Image-enables Claims Process with Captaris

Captaris streamlines claims processing for Fringe Benefits Management Company Automation speeds turnaround and reduces storage costs

Story Highlights

  • Automates capture, indexing and storage of claims documents

  • Integration with Microsoft BizTalk server and proprietary claims remittance application

  • Reduces claims processing time to meet contractual and HIPAA requirements

Bellevue, WA ─ February 20, 2008 ─ Captaris, Inc. (NASDAQ:CAPA), a leading provider of software products that automate document-centric processes, today announced that Fringe Benefits Management Company (FBMC), an independent benefits administrator, has deployed Captaris Workflow and Alchemy to speed claims processing and manage digital storage and retrieval processes for its clients throughout the U.S.

FBMC handles close to one million mailed or faxed Flexible Spending Account (FSA) claims every year and pays out hundreds of millions of dollars to more than 300,000 customers. Manual paper-based procedures impacted customer service as well as contractual and HIPAA guidelines. The firm integrated Captaris Workflow and Alchemy with existing applications to automate capture, indexing and storage of claims documents.

FBMC stores enrollment forms in an Alchemy digital library. For claims, adding Captaris Workflow to Alchemy storage streamlines processes and extends existing solutions. Captaris interfaces with Microsoft BizTalk server and Common Remitter System (CRS), an internal proprietary claims processing application. “It was important to have these linked to create one tightly integrated system to serve needs for all forms of documents,” said Barbara Gonzales, FBMC’s Chief Operating Officer.

For claims examiners, immediate access at the desktop eliminates warehouse requests and ensures files are available to answer customer questions within seconds rather than days. “Our average turnaround (for claims processing) is now one to two days,” Gonzales reported. The estimate includes document preparation—previously a three-day turnaround alone—as well as claims review and authorization.

Adjudicators review claims within Alchemy faster and easier with tools to prioritize or shift workloads for balance and expediency. In addition, emails alert managers of overdue indexing or adjudication tasks, allowing them to resolve problems quickly.

Using streamlined, automated capture capabilities, FBMC reduced its document preparation team from 10 to 6 full-time employees, equating to approximately $130,000 annually in salary and benefits overhead. Also avoided is the equivalent of another three full-time employees—or $65,000 per year—to retrieve documents from the warehouse for customer inquiries and audits. FBMC eliminated warehouse storage and even avoided spending close to $100,000 to lease additional building space just to store paper. Still, the intangible benefits are the most impressive to Gonzales. For instance, “Now, we can help the customer on the first call,” she said. “You can’t put a price tag on that.”

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