FlexiCapture 8.0 Enables Business to Run at the Speed of Data

Executive summary

In today’s digital world, modern business depends largely upon the quality and timeliness with which it can respond to a daily multitude of public inquiries, consumer demands, and requests from distributors. Once these paper documents are converted to digital data, the data can be merged into the same workflow as other electronic media – such as EDI, email and Web-based data – and then processed under a common set of business rules for recordkeeping and government compliance. The point is that paper business documents, in order to add value to corporate operations or to be of any use at all, must be converted into computer-usable data suitable for input into electronic business processes – the sooner, the better – because, in order to survive, business must run at the speed of data.

Until recently, traditional methods of capturing content from semi-structured forms required many hours, days, or months of customization – creation of multiple form templates for each form layout, form redesign, and technology adaptation – or alternatively, manual input by a key operator. Finally, there is a better way to extract data from imaged documents: FlexiCapture™ 8.0 Professional by ABBYY®, a data capture software solution that intelligently extracts data from structured forms, semi-structured forms, unstructured documents or any combination of document types, for accurate input into the databases that support today’s business processes.

ABBYY FlexiCapture 8.0 Professional is an easy-to-deploy, cost-effective and powerful desktop solution designed to meet organizational and departmental document processing needs in a variety of vertical industries that include banking, insurance, utilities, education, healthcare, accounting, law, and transportation.  

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