Fiery Security White Paper Fiery FS100 and FS100 Pro, Version 2.6.1

1 Document Overview

This document gives end users an overview of the Fiery® server’s architecture and functional aspects as they relate to device security in Fiery FS100 Pro/FS100. Fiery server is available in two options, an embedded server option and a stand-alone server option. This document refers to the embedded server option as integrated Fiery
server and refers to both options as Fiery server. It covers hardware, network security, access control, operating system and data security. The document’s intent is to help end users understand all the Fiery server’s
security features that they can benefit from and to understand its potential vulnerabilities.

1.1 Electronics For Imaging (EFI) Security Philosophy

EFI™ understands that security is one of the top concerns for business worldwide today, so we’ve built strong security features into the Fiery servers to protect companies’ most valuable assets. We also proactively work with our global partners and our cross-functional teams to determine companies’ current and future security requirements, so security is never an issue with our products. As always, we still recommend that end users combine Fiery security features with other safeguards, such as secure password and strong physical security procedures, to achieve overall system security.

1.2 Configure the Security Feature via Fiery Configure

An Administrator of a Fiery server can configure all Fiery features via Fiery Configure. Fiery Configure can be launched from Fiery Command WorkStation® or Webtools™ under the configure tab.

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