Expand Business with High-Resolution Print

Security printing. High-resolution art. Lenticular printing. All of these applications are possible with the 4,800 / 5,080 dpi High-Resolution Option available on all new KODAK TRENDSETTER Platesetters. For printers that want to differentiate their services, attract new customers, and increase revenue, this option is just one reason to consider investing in new CTP equipment.

The High-Resolution Option can be used to image exceptionally small features with complex background patterns, or microprinting, that are indiscernible to the naked eye.

A special software algorithm works with the thermal head on the CTP device to double pixel addressability in the subscan direction, enabling 4,800 x 4,800 dpi imaging with a 2,400 dpi head or 5,080 x 5,080 dpi imaging with a 2,540 dpi head. The minimum isolated feature size is unchanged at approximately 10 microns wide in the subscan direction, but the improvement in addressability means that pixels can be placed at any location on a 4,800 dpi (or 5,080) grid.

While imaging at the highest resolution will be slower, printers can continue to image regular resolution jobs at full speed, so overall productivity is not affected. Printers can take on additional high-resolution jobs without impacting regular business.

To print with the 4,800 / 5,080 dpi High-Resolution Option, printers need a plate capable of handling high-resolution printing, which Kodak provides with our KODAK ELECTRA MAX and KODAK ELECTRA XD Thermal Plates.