Executive Summary for Managers' Perspective

Are your customers happy? It depends who you ask.

Every business strives to deliver a great customer experience but how much room exists for improvement?

Surprisingly, employees believe there’s more room to improve customer service capabilities than managers do when it comes to their communications systems, document handling and process support.

This counterintuitive insight emerged from new global research conducted for Ricoh Company, Ltd. by Forrester Consulting. Ricoh commissioned Forrester Consulting to evaluate the importance and business impact of document and process support at the point of service. Its findings, compiled in the Thought Leadership paper “The New Workplace Reality; Enterprises Must Capture the Soul and Spirit of the Emerging Worker” reveals disparity between managers’ and employees’ views of customer service capabilities.

Among Forrester’s key findings:

The research focused on customer communications to test whether they satisfied expectations for good service regardless of how a customer contacted a company, e.g., via smart phone, website or email. It revealed that customer-facing workers surveyed — e.g., bank clerks, call center operators, nurses, bank managers and shop supervisors — were more likely to see flaws in the customer service they’re able to provide than their managers are. By a factor of more than 2 to 1 over their managers (28 percent to 12 percent), customer-facing workers felt constrained by “older systems” that sometimes forced customers to communicate with the company in ways they didn’t want to. Yet by a factor of nearly 3 to 1 (43 percent to 17 percent), managers thought their customer-facing workers communicated well with customers through both old and new channels.

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