Enabling Apple® AirPrint™ with Your Xerox® ConnectKey™ Device


Apple AirPrint™ is a printing technology introduced with iOS® version 4.2 in November of 2010. It enables Apple iOS devices including the iPhone®, iPad®, iPod® Touch, and even Mac® OS X® to print without installing additional drivers or software. AirPrint uses well-established, familiar technologies already in use today including Bonjour, IPP, PDF and JPEG. 

Xerox is now certified and implementing AirPrint in the latest Xerox® ConnectKey™ WorkCentre® and ColorQube® devices. However, when these devices first launched, they were not AirPrint enabled. This document will instruct you on the basics of how AirPrint works and how to enable it onyour ConnectKey device. 

AirPrint is a relatively new technology designed to offer users the speed and convenience of direct print capability from their iOS-based wireless devices without cloud services or proxy devices in the print path. AirPrint will likely continue to evolve over the next few years as new features and functionality are added. Still, the basic operation of AirPrint will remain constant and will require knowing a few steps to ensure that it works easily across a variety of wireless devices as it was designed to do. AirPrint works best in flat Wi-Fi  networks, which are typically found in home and small offices. 

To ensure that your infrastructure is ready for AirPrint, let’s first take a look at the basic operation of the system.

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