Enable Commerce Announces Strategic Relationship with FM Audit

FORT WORTH, TEXAS AND JEFFERSON CITY, MISSOURI - April 16, 2008 - Enable Commerce (or “Enable”), the leading online supply chain for technology products, office products and the education markets announces a strategic sourcing and distribution relationship with FMAudit, the leading provider of solutions for remote and automated supply replenishment and meter collection.

“We are excited to work with FMAudit,” said Rusty Wood, CEO of Enable Commerce. “FMAudit’s customers can now leverage their investment to provide direct access and fulfillment to more than 30,000 products through Enable’s technology platform. This will help enhance the dealer to end-user relationships, reduce inventories, and stream-line the ordering and fulfillment process, removing both parties from the supplies replenishment workflow.”

For a dealers’ managed fleet of assets, FMAudit’s technology enables the automatic supplies ordering with its newest milestone, Adaptive Service Management (ASM) offering. The FMAudit Onsite data collector monitors both networked and locally attached devices at the end-users office. The data is encrypted before it is sent back to the dealer, where the Central ASM module triggers alerts. Orders are sent to Enable for fulfillment via next day UPS shipment, while being simultaneously submitted into the dealers’ ERP tool.

“While collecting data on the dealers’ managed fleet, a wealth of information is accumulated on competitive assets, those defined as customer owned, or serviced by another dealer.” stated Kevin Tetu, President and CEO of FMAudit. “This represents a significant new revenue stream from up-sell opportunities.”

For competitive assets, ASM communicates a device supply requirement to the target end-users email. The resultant link directs them to the Enable website, displaying the applicable supplies and respective costs. While browsing the Enable site, additional targeted office products are presented to the end-user, creating yet another tier of sales opportunity for the dealer. In return, a portion of each order is rebated back to the dealer.

“Enable Commerce and FMAudit naturally align.” said Rusty Wood, “Enable’s structure, geographic reach, product breadth and market prowess, combined with FMAudit’s flexible, secure, fast and accurate technology results in unmatched credibility to deliver a great services offering. We look forward to making this solution available in the coming months.”

For more information, contact Greg Allen at (573) 632-2461 x205.

About FMAudit
FMAudit specializes in solutions for managed print services. FMAudit is dedicated to developing solutions that remove Meter Mystique – the cumbersome human element of collecting highly valuable print asset information. The data is used for Assessment, Account Reviews, Metering (for accurate and timely billing), Service Dispatch, Customer Relationship Management, Enterprise Resource planning, Sales and Service Force Automation, and Just-in-Time™ automated consumable replenishment. For more information, visit www.fmaudit.com.

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About Enable Commerce
Enable Commerce, Inc. a leading online supply chain ecommerce company focused on the technology and office products industry. The Company operates a unique sales and distribution platform which enables customers to order an extensive breadth of products and insures overnight delivery to most locations in the US. The Company’s complete domestic geographic coverage and product breadth, combined with its experienced personnel enable efficient control of the supply ordering process.

  • Reseller Benefits
    • Over 30,000 products (OEM & Generic) at competitive prices
    • Office Products
    • Technology Products
    • Toner
    • Furniture
    • Industrial Supplies
    • Educational Supplies
    • Promotional Products
    • And Much More
  • 35 nationwide distribution centers providing high fill rates and next day delivery to customers
  • Industry leading order entry platform
  • Experienced customer service personnel
  • Rewards/points program capabilities
  • Factory direct ordering from over 125 manufacturers